This website is a window into the world of Morelia boeleni (The Boelen’s python)  Ular hitam or Sanca bulan as it is also referred to by several indigenous tribes. I have created this site to share data and imagery of my 13 year continued research on this mysterious species of python. I have been very fortunate to have several people allow me to display their images and data on my site. I do not claim to be an expert on Boelen’s pythons, but rather someone who is passionate about the future of these animals and the conservation efforts towards their survival in the wild and in captivity. I invite you to contact me with any questions or information you might have about these snakes.

Up until recently M. boeleni was considered to be quite a difficult species to work with and maintain in captivity. We have had more frequent access to captive-hatched animals that tend to fare much better in a controlled captive environment then prior fresh imports that we have had to work with in the past. The frequency of captive-hatched and true captive bred Boelen’s pythons (locally farm bred overseas) are becoming more available, which allows for increased research about this largely unknown species of python. Recently there have been advancements in the captive care and maintenance of M. boeleni which have proven quite helpful with captive animals. There is limited data concerning their native habitat, and there is virtually nothing known about their natural behavior in the wild or wild reproduction. My main areas of study are focused on problematic breeding issues,the possibilities of genetic diversity amongs different locality animals, and exploring the benificial aspects of U.V exposure. Breeding Boelen’s pythons is still a process that has not yet been solved. There are so many factors that we still don’t understand concerning not just breeding Boelen’s pythons but their captive husbandry. New laws controlling the number of specimens that can be exported and a ban on wild-caught animals have proven to be quite beneficial in helping preserve the species in their native habitat.

  • Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc has generously supplied equipment for the Boelens python Ultraviolet light research project.       

  •  SPYDERROBOTICS  generous involvement in supplying there HERPSTAT 4 for the Boelens python project.

  • Lightyourreptiles.com has generously sent out some fantastic bulbs to utilize for our U.V light project. Thanks Todd!!

  • WeatherHawk has jumped on board with the Boelens python project and supplied us a Skymaster digital weather station to help our research!

  • Special thanks to my close friend Danny Gunalen owner of alnusa-indonesia.com for supporting my research and providing countless amounts of time and assistance to aid in the Boelens python venture. Terima kasih saya teman


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